Mental Health Services

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Mental Health Services

How much do mental health services cost?
The regular fee for individual therapy sessions is $155 for a 45-50 minute session. In addition to ongoing therapy sessions, during the first meeting we will conduct a 60-90 minute diagnostic evaluation to discuss your history, symptoms, and treatment goals. The fee for this evaluation meeting is $230. Please note that the standard fee for an initial evaluation meeting ($230) is higher than subsequent sessions ($155) because we will be meeting for longer than is typical and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of information.

Do you take insurance?
At this time we are not in network with insurance companies and are unable to accept insurance. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about seeking “out of network” reimbursement yourself and can send you a “superbill” if your insurance company asks you to submit this document.

What mental health services are offered?
The main support we (Dr. Joshua Magee & Dr. Elise Clerkin) offer at Wellness Path Therapy is individual psychotherapy. In other words, we meet one-on-one with clients for 45-50 minute sessions. In most cases, we set up a schedule of counseling appointments in which we meet weekly for treatment.

What areas do you treat?
We can assist with a variety of areas we can overview during your free consultation. However, we specialize in anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, and insomnia-related problems.

Where do you offer counseling?
With our licenses we are allowed to practice anywhere in Ohio or Virginia. So whichever city you live in, we can work together as long as you will be physically in Ohio or Virginia during sessions.

What treatments do you use?
We believe that the therapy room is a place for effective teamwork. We need to form a trusting, supportive relationship that allows you to benefit from both of our experiences. As therapist, We see our role as a versatile one. We must bring up-to-date knowledge about what works for particular areas and an ability to learn about your individual experiences. You must bring your expertise about yourself; there is no one else in the world who knows your self and experiences so well! You must also bring a willingness to do the hard work of pursuing change. Together, we can then design and monitor a plan for treatment. Generally, we use treatments using approaches that experts believe work well for many people, including cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness and acceptance, and motivational interviewing.

How do payments and cancellation work?
You are billed and pay through the same online, HIPAA-compliant system used for video calls. Payments must be made with a credit card. We require that appointments be cancelled with 48 hours’ notice. Credit cards are then charged approximately 24-48 hours prior to a session. To avoid being charged, a session on Friday would need to be cancelled by Wednesday. This is necessary because we make a time commitment to clients, prepare for their session, and hold their session time exclusively for them.

How long does therapy take?
There is no one answer to this question, but many people see improvement in 8-14 sessions. For all clients, we advocate that we measure the key areas you would like to work to evaluate our progress. By tracking progress, we can better understand when therapy is nearing the end, ready to shift to a different focus, or needing to reconsider the treatment strategy.

How should I select a counselor?
Above all, you should look for counseling that feels like a good fit to you. Not every therapist will be a good fit for every client, and that is ok. Ask yourself: do you feel supported and understood? Does the therapist’s style match what you are looking for? Will you be able to talk about difficult topics with them? It is also important to learn whether the therapist uses treatments that experts believe work for many clients, and whether the therapist thoughtfully attends to your unique needs, values, and cultural background in treatment.

What other information should I know?
Before you begin therapy, we will have you review and ask questions about several important documents, including your consent and service contract for treatment, consent for online therapy, financial agreement, and HIPAA notice of privacy practices.

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