Online Counseling

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Online Counseling

Online counseling can be a convenient, effective solution for receiving professional help. Before starting this unique format, you should be fully informed about the pros and cons. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below are intended to provide helpful information for deciding whether online support is a good match for you. We hope this FAQ is useful whether you end up working with me or another therapist.

What is online therapy or online counseling?
Online therapy means receiving your health care through an electronic technology. Some people may use other terms like online counseling, telehealth, telepsychology, or remote health care. In our practice, we provide therapy using online video meetings.

Who is a good fit for online therapy?
Many people can benefit from professional online therapy. Ask yourself about the emotional and technical sides of an online environment. Emotionally, are you willing to try out an online counseling relationship? Will the communication and visual information available via video fulfill your needs? For many, the answer is yes. For others, in-person therapy is better suited to their current emotional needs.

In terms of practical details, first consider whether you have a private space with reliable Internet access. Online therapy can’t be conducted if others are interrupting your session every 5 minutes or your Internet connection is dropping in the middle of an important exchange! Are you comfortable enough with the technology (or willing to learn) that you can focus on the therapy itself? We will discuss with you whether there could be other privacy or technical barriers to working together.

Finally, we will assess whether your particular mental health needs are a good fit for online therapy. Some needs may require a physical setting or a level of care that are best addressed by an in-person therapist. For instance, crisis care is best handled by other formats. If you have questions or would like to talk about scheduling therapy, please visit the Counseling Appointments page.

How secure is online therapy?
We use SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant video service. In other words, our methods and SimplePractice follow the leading legal and professional standards for protecting your private health information. To read more, please consult SimplePractice’s security features.

While reputable providers should use HIPAA-compliant services, no technology can ever guarantee 100% security. As a result, it is critical that both you and your therapist maximize the security of our meetings. For instance, we discuss with clients recommendations such as how to use the video platform privately, log out after every use, protect passwords, and handle unexpected disruptions to privacy.

Can I see you from another state?
As psychologists licensed in the states of Ohio and Virginia, we can only see clients who are physically located in Ohio or Virginia during our sessions.

Does online treatment work?
Many clients report that online treatments work well for them, and the science backs up their experiences. For instance, scientists studying anxiety and depression have found that treatments using real-time video meetings or telephone calls are effective for assisting with these areas. Like in-person therapy, we will work together with you to determine relevant treatment strategies that can be personalized to your needs.

What happens if the technology breaks down?
At the start of therapy, we will prepare you to minimize the chances of a technology-related disruption. We will already be using a computer, high-speed Internet connection, and video service that are intended to maximize the stability of our video call. You will be provided with tips and technical guidance to enhance the reliability of your own setup.

Nonetheless, it is important to plan so that your care is not affected by unexpected disruptions. We will generate a backup plan with you (e.g., telephone call) for worst case scenarios.

How do payments and cancellation work?
Clients are billed and pay through the same online, HIPAA-compliant system used for video calls. Payments must be made with a credit card. Wellness Path Therapy requires that appointments be cancelled with 48 hours’ notice. Credit cards are charged approximately 24-48 hours prior to a session. Please see the Mental Health Services page for more details about payments and cancellation.

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