Psychology-themed Halloween Costumes

Psychology-themed Halloween

Psychology-themed Halloween Costumes

Looking for some silly, spooky, psychology-themed Halloween costumes? Search no further! Your friendly therapists at Wellness Path Therapy have you “covered.” 😉

(Para)normal distribution.

What is “normal,” anyway?


One of the “big baddies” harming psychological health. (OK, Ok… avoidance is not always bad).

Bobo doll.

Poor Bobo.

Freudian slip.

When those unconscious beliefs simply cannot be suppressed.

Fundamental attribution error.

Perspective taking for me, but not for thee.

Radical Acceptance.

As a wise blogger once wrote, to address those inner demons, sometimes we need to “let it be.”

Confirmation bias.

I’m pretty sure “confirmation bias” does not exist, and here’s a random study to prove I’m right.

Skinner’s pigeon.

Who’s ready for some ping-pong?!

Catastrophic thinking.

For those of us with negative attributional styles.

Your brain!

Because this is where the magic happens.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, psychology-themed Halloween!

Published by Elise Clerkin

Licensed Clinical Psychologist